There’s something really tempting about the idea of just moving my entire blog to 

Blast off into Entertainment Space on your Android tablet…

George has discovered the chair in my home office.

An IndieWeb reader: My new home on the internet • Aaron Parecki

IndieWeb still feels fairly ‘inside baseball’, so to speak, in that the early adopters are predominantly web developers, so there’s lots of webdev and adjacent stuff. Which I like, but I do want more than that. It’s breaking out of that though for sure, and I probably also just need to widen the circle of people that I follow a bit.

Something that I haven’t seen anywhere on the Indieweb: is there a simple guide for services which let you replace Twitter, Facebook, Insta, etc etc with more open alternatives? Preferably written with non-technical users in mind?

Good times.

Jeremy Hunt: ‘This lockdown just isn’t working quickly enough’

“When the NHS was set up by Aneurin Bevan in 1948 we were even more broke as a country than we were now, but the government had the imagination to do something huge.”

It’s the age of space, kids.

I don’t believe for one second that a change to cookie preferences takes “up to a few minutes”. Do you? I believe this website really, really, really wants me to hit that cancel button and accept the privacy-eating defaults.

Max Hastings on Brexit

Max Hastings, writing for Bloomberg:

Some commentators believe that the British will henceforward experience a slow, painful awakening. More likely, in my view, however, is that most will not notice our decline in wealth, relative to what we might have enjoyed had we retained membership of the EU.

I’m afraid that I agree with Max.

My prediction: this will turn out like the startups that have taken on the decades-old quest for artificial intelligence and claimed victory by redefining AI to mean “is able to turn your lights on and off via voice interface”…

This video is an absolute gem that I hadn’t seen before – an introduction to Macintosh which features some of its creators at the start, and which shows you how to use a mouse.

After a couple of weeks of using an M1-equipped Mac mini, I’m stupidly tempted to replace my 16in MacBook Pro with a 13in MacBook Air.

No, puny human, you shall not watch the football

I would love to give you all a lengthy and insightful update on my M1 Mac mini, telling you how I’d discovered lots of new things, incompatibilities, and secrets.

Nope. It’s just working. It’s quick, silent and just all-round a pleasure to use.

Every now and then I look at the screen on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and think what an absolute wonder the screen is.

This is a huge jump in performance, and shows what dedicated processing units for machine learning can do.…

What is “British culture“? I’m genuinely curious about this. Ignoring the cliches - fish and chips, all that stuff - what is it?

That Safari 14 FINALLY supports both WebP and the VP9 codec makes me nerdishly happy.

Labour surges to five-point poll lead in boost to Keir Starmer as Boris Johnson stumbles over Covid and school meals - Evening Standard

Memo to self: eating and entire tub of marmite houmous is not a good idea.

I moved my desk over the weekend, setting it up so I look over the garden while working. I also got rid of the 27in monitor, mainly because I just found it dominated everything and actually didn’t help with focus. Too much screen, too much distraction!

On the road.

You sit down for a minute to take a call and the cat decides this is her perfect opportunity to have a comfy nap. 2.0 is out and it’s pretty awesome.