You’ll have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet lately. Oh what, you didn’t notice? Damn.

Anyway, the main reason is that I’ve been sick. Yes, with Covid-19. I’m fine. Like many people, I’ve been lucky (so far) and had only relatively mild symptoms: tight chest, temperature higher (but not off the scale fever) and so on. Although it’s still very early, yesterday seems to have been the worst day, and today feels a little better, although the cough has started to be more regular today.

The worst thing so far has been the tiredness. Because my breathing hasn’t been normal, I’ve been tired a lot — so much so in fact that on Wednesday I basically slept the whole day, and I’m just not a big sleeper.

I’m hoping to get back to work (remotely, duh) Monday, but it’s important to take each day as it comes.

And like I said: I am lucky. I have no underlying conditions, nothing to weaken my immune system, and although I’m in the age range when the chances of hospitalisation and death start to go up, they’re still very low. Don’t assume because I’ve been lucky that you will be too.