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2019-08-18: Respect your chips!

2019-08-18: Possibly the most truthful advertising in history

2019-08-17: I approve of this soft drink.

2019-08-17: I approve of this soft drink

2019-08-11: Edge is getting closer to being the one browser that I can use happily across all my devices. Once …

2019-08-11: Is “being angry on the internet” a career option now?

2019-08-09: Of course they do. Of course they do.

2019-08-07: Morph appears on my desk.

2019-08-05: I jump around platforms a lot. Lots of days, I end up using Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, and of course …

2019-08-02: Everyone (I’m looking at you, everyone on The Verge) dumps on the Catalyst apps for Mac. Seriously …

2019-07-28: It’s only slightly ironic that Google Fit is working perfectly on the beta of iOS 13 but utterly …

2019-07-27: Sticker collection coming along nicely

2019-07-27: The PixelBook was, indeed, stupidly expensive when I bought it. But it’s also the computer …

2019-07-26: Yup.

2019-07-25: There’s one very good but often ignored reason why Cortana failed to take off: the majority of …

2019-07-21: We popped down to the Hayward Gallery to see the “Kiss my genders” exhibition and predictably my …

2019-07-21: “My god - it’s full of stars”

2019-07-21: 50 years is almost as long as this took to complete.

2019-07-17: Kim’s efforts to turn all food into bears may be getting out of hand.

2019-07-17: When the last High Speed Train - otherwise known as the InterCity 125 - is scrapped in a few years, …

2019-07-17: If you’re not reading Julia Armfield’s Salt Slow, you should be.

2019-07-16: Typically, I bought some Surface Headphones despite reading all the slightly “meh” …

2019-07-16: There’s a couple of really nice small updates in iOS 13 listed here.

2019-07-15: This article from four years ago basically includes all the clues you needed that Ive was going to …

2019-07-14: Socialism is about justice, not revenge. When you confuse the two, you’re indulging in childish …

2019-07-13: How the biggest decentralized social network is dealing with its Nazi problem - The Verge Mastodon was built to be a kinder, more decentralized version of Twitter — then Gab showed up And …

2019-07-13: Bear faced food

2019-07-13: I’ve spent much of the day reorganising little bits of blog stuff. You can find my main blog (still) …

2019-07-13: Currently trying to work out some cross-posting stuff in

2019-07-13: A hedgehog, less than three meters away.

2019-07-13: Currently reading: Exhalation by Ted Chiang 📚

2019-07-13: Three things you ought to read when getting started with Start with The web is the social network. For people who have grown up in the era where the web is …

2019-07-13: Reading Ted Chiang’s new story collection.

2019-06-20: No, I have the sweetest cat.

2019-06-15: Utterly tasty beetroot and bean thing.

2019-05-25: My birthday present (from last year)

2019-05-25: Bears

2019-05-18: Cat’s rat strike rat today: zero from two.

2019-05-18: Spot the rat. It’s being very, very still because our cat is hunting in the garden.

2019-05-12: My week with the Pixel 3 XL Never let a bunch of people decide anything that you have to do via a Twitter poll. In my case, very …

2019-05-11: Bakewell boobies?

2019-05-05: Today’s contribution to the Kimstream


2019-05-03: Bloody good food that you would probably like.




2019-04-28: “What even is that?” “It’s an anti-snoring device.” “Do I want …

2019-04-28: She’s happy Kim is home.

2019-04-28: Pigeons round here are fat.

2019-04-28: The Pixel 3 XL experiment Here’s a lesson for you: never, ever ask your Twitter followers whether or not you should use …

2019-04-23: Moar cat

2019-04-22: Ice cream

2019-04-20: Kim’s curry

2019-04-18: Cat

2019-04-12: Kim is unsure of this strong beerpp

2019-04-12: Kim rocking the Alkerpops sweatshirt and super high haor

2019-04-05: A little cat

2019-03-05: Learning to love silence I’ve always been someone who has background noise around them. Growing up, the TV was always on, and …

2019-03-04: You've got to know when to fold 'em Lots to agree with in Owen Williams piece on “Foldable phones: right tech, wrong place?”, starting …

2019-03-03: Becoming a creator OK, this sounds trite. But… The difference between you and the creators you follow is simply …

2019-02-03: My sunlight. Mine.

2019-01-20: Land of the gianta

2019-01-20: Seaside

2019-01-20: You just don’t get luncheons anymore. Except here.

2019-01-20: Arts and stuff

2019-01-20: My chair. Mine.

2019-01-20: My sun. Mine.

2019-01-19: Happy cat

2019-01-05: Disappointing MiniMilk.

2018-12-31: “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die”

2018-12-30: Yes.

2018-12-28: Bloody great to get away, bloody great to get home

2018-12-27: #nofilter

2018-12-25: Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you… The cold roast potato sandwich.

2018-12-25: There are two of us.

2018-12-23: Road trip!

2018-12-23: Merry Christmas

2018-12-22: Night Sight on the Pixel 3 XL is well into uncanny valley photography.

2018-12-21: Does what it says on the plate.

2018-10-29: Fair sailing, sweet MacBook! So tomorrow, my dear three year old MacBook – the first of the teeny tiny ones – goes in to get its …



2018-10-11: Tate. Britain.

2018-10-05: You can’t complain too much about a world that has this view in it #nofilter

2018-09-29: Cat and Kim

2018-09-25: Well that’s some sky #nofilter

2018-09-23: Downstairs in the amazing second hand bookshop in Whitstable, the walls are partly covered in old …

2018-09-23: Sunday roast at revival. I may never move again.

2018-09-23: I am against this.

2018-09-21: I don’t deserve this woman.

2018-09-16: Ightham Mote

2018-09-16: Camden stoner bear.

2018-08-28: Idiots.

2018-08-28: haircut. Shave impending.

2018-08-08: Happy Kim

2018-08-08: Well that really is quite some notch

2018-08-07: I’m super happy that not only is Instapaper available again for European customers, but it’s back as …

2018-07-30: I'm hoping that Paul Thurrott is wrong about the Pixelbook 2 If this is right then I think Google is making a big mistake. The first Pixelbook is my current …

2018-07-19: Much as I love my iPad and Mac, my favourite computer of the moment just has to be the Pixelbook.

2018-07-15: The cherry eating was very tiring.

2018-07-15: This was quite yummy

2018-07-15: Kite

2018-07-15: Apples #nofilter

2018-07-15: Happy

2018-07-15: Stone baked pizza

2018-07-15: Snake! Snake!

2018-07-15: Happy pizza face

2018-07-06: Pretty green

2018-07-06: Pretty green

2018-07-06: my ideal job - canal weed cleaner.

2018-07-05: Kim has discovered cosmic anti-dust. Should we let physicists know?

2018-06-27: African violets

2018-04-30: A quick review of the Brydge Keyboard for iPad Sometimes, the form of the laptop is exactly what you need. And for those times, if you have an …

2018-04-29: The joy of USB-C: I now have a desk setup where I can swap my MacBook for my Pixelbook and only have …

2018-04-28: A UK bank’s IT systems have basically melted down. I’m not at all surprised: banking systems are …

2018-04-28: Kim was not impressed with “Avengers: Infinity War”. The most depressing film I’ve ever seen, she …

2018-04-22: “What he wanted was the truth, observed Loftus, and if somebody didn’t know …

2018-04-22: Kim, smiling

2018-04-22: Revival Ice Cream Revival Ice Cream. We didn’t have ice cream.

2018-04-22: And she finds the perfect cat-sized square of sun

2018-04-03: Remembering Project Marklar Nick Wingfield mentioned something which took me back a long way: Ok, reading this report about …

2018-04-02: Rebuilding Back in 2002 (or thereabouts), I started writing up my thoughts on technology at a site that I …

2018-03-31: The cat has made a nest

2018-03-18: Sonos One or Apple HomePod? I’ve been using a Sonos One with Alexa and a HomePod with Siri since the HomePod came out, and …

2018-03-11: Yeah, you know what? That HomePod ad - The Verge is really good. Really, really good.

2018-03-11: Outstanding writing from William Davies on the Tory vision of Brexit.

2018-03-05: Well now. Russia moving from cyber ops to poisoning people in Britain’s streets, it seems

2018-03-03: I am inordinately excited about the upcoming release of Omnifocus. Although I’ve been using …

2018-03-01: Things people don’t understand about Kent: in winter, North Kent can be very, very cold. A north …

2018-02-28: It looks super pretty, but…

2018-02-27: The snow hit Kent today.

2018-02-26: Goddamnit “Halfway Home” remains an utterly amazing song itunes linky

2018-02-25: The perils of professional writing I realised today that writing professionally (for 23 years!) has, in some ways, stunted my writing. …

2018-02-23: In a free democracy, you are entitled to change your mind #brexit

2018-02-22: I still don’t see why everyone’s gushing about progressive web apps as a “write …

2018-02-22: “Hey, Siri” is the number one thing that I’d like AirPods to do, so it’s no surprise …

2018-02-22: AirPods don't fit me well, but I still love them I’ve been using AirPods since the first pre-production units went out to reviews (and were …

2018-02-19: Folkestone sky

2018-02-09: Lord, the HomePod sounds good.

2018-02-08: Listening to the Windows Weekly Podcast, and there’s a lot of enthusiasm for PWA. To me, it just …

2018-02-08: This is just evil. Don’t they know I’m dieting?

2018-02-08: Although I have been on a Twitter break for a couple of weeks, this article was the inspiration both …

2018-02-08: I met John Perry Barlow at the launch party for in SF in maybe 1998 or 1999. Owen Thomas …

2018-02-08: I’m on a Twitter break (which I suspect will become permanent so of course I’m trying out …