Paul Dacre heading Ofcom would be absolutely criminal Hardline BBC critics reportedly offered top media roles - Ofcom - The Guardian

From a 26 point lead to four points behind is pretty spectacularLabour takes poll lead as parties see major switch in fortunes - Politics - The Guardian

I just heard someone refer to 2020 as “the year of the pencil” - because so many plans got erased - abs I think it’s the perfect metaphor

This is just such a cracking interview with Jaron Lanier

There’s an interesting alternative history where, instead of buying NeXT, Apple decided to base the future of Mac on the Windows NT kernel running a Mac “personality”. This is one of the options the company rejected.

I think YouTube’s iOS developers have exactly the right idea.

It may be the autumn now, and the cold is creeping into the air, but there is still joy in working outside. The end of lockdown means the return of distant traffic noise, somehow made louder by the past few months quiet. But the birds still sing.


Open app stores, open source

I started writing (and may complete) a long post about the current Apple App Store arguments. I should say that I think Apple (and Google) need to sharpen up what they do: payments need to be lower, rules need to be clearer and consistently applied. But a lot of the arguments seem to want a lot more than that.

I think a lot of this is about developers wanting more control – but they forget that the people who matter are end users, not developers. And I really don’t see any practical advantage which breaking up monolithic app stores bring to end users.

I wrote a long time ago about how the “freedom” in open source software was freedom for developers, not end users, and I think a lot of this argument is the same. So many arguments about “freedom” in technology fail to focus on the consequences of that freedom for end users.

What developers don’t see is the unequal power relationship with users. In an open platform, it is the developers who have the power – power to install all kinds of shit on users machines. iOS 14 showed they had the power to track what users are doing without proper consent. Until Apple effectively stopped them doing it, 53 applications were accessing clipboard data without user consent. And yet, users are supposed to trust developers to do the right thing?

Don’t get me wrong: I like open software. I like the ability to move data from a platform of my choice to another one. I like published source code. But I’m not seeing many people argue for that kind of user-beneficial openness in this debate.

I think that macOS Big Sur is a big step forward for the design and usability of the Mac, but BOY is it still very, very buggy. Same for iOS 14. These are not releases that are just a few weeks away from deployment.

If you only read one thing today, make it this

About to see Tenet. Wish me luck…

Absolutely guarantee that if Apple did this, there would be 10x the coverage: Google accused of retaliation against Blix for antitrust cooperation

The Wiley stuff proves, as if much more proof were needed, that Twitter’s community management is an utter shambles.

Such lovely skies on Saturday. I had actually forgotten I had taken this picture.

I think I joined Twitter not that long after Om. According to Twitter Join Date, it was December 3 2006, which means I have a five figure Twitter user number. I might go back to using it like it was back then: “presence+real world status over text messaging”.

George is unimpressed with this turn of events

Thank you @macgenie !

YouTube has the best release notes.

When you look at Google’s hardware designs all together, you can see why - in aesthetic terms - I think they are just much better than Apple’s right now.

No, @macgenie, thank you!

No face unlock on the flagship Pixel phone this year would be a hard pass from me. Face unlock is superior to a fingerprint reader in 99% of circumstances.…

On holiday for the first time this year so obviously I’m lying around listening to Orbital’s brown album.

When I bring nuts out for William the squirrel, he lets me get within a couple of meters now before jumping into the tree.

The Old Spice Man advert just appeared on TV and now I’m back in happier better times.