@jayeless ooh good shout - thanks!

@jean 😂😂😂😂

@mcg Every more robust blocker I’ve installed has either been counter-blocked by a chunk of sites I want to read or failed to block all those cookie notices.

@cubicgarden That sounds dreadful. Glad you wrote this - not glad you’re going through what’s obviously a pretty shitty experience.

@odd Me too. Already seeing a difference.


@holliston Yep - at the back of your head is always that there’s 847 things on your list, most of which are those tiny things!

@manton @Munish @ridwan @toddgrotenhuis @Pilchuck Always good to see another Ulysses user.

@holliston That’s one of my greatest regular errors - not just doing the little (sub-5 minute) things. And then suddenly I have about 300 of them backed up.

@AlanGMarz I have to say that Hastings piece really has me quite glum.

@ChuckJordan Somewhere I still have a copy of Apple Garamond

@adders That sounds right up my street. Would you recommend it?

@macgenie One day I have to get around writing the full story about that... 😃

@paulrobertlloyd Every time I see a picture of that pier I miss Brighton very much.

@zorn @macgenie Yeah, but do you have a law named after you? 🤓

@adders Did you make it?

@baldur I think it actually looks pretty good!

@ttscoff@nojack.easydns.ca I’ve long thought that small animals emit a special kind of radiation called Cuteons which turn humans into lumps of dribbling helpless jelly. Your cat is a VERY high source of cuteons.

@cubicgarden Look well Ian!

@jayeless I couldn’t ask for a better one. She’s now nearly 19 so we know her time with us won’t be forever, which means she gets spoiled with staying on the lap much more than she used to.

@zorn Weird as this sounds, I had never thought of using a mind map for that kind of work. I am a dunce!

@patrickrhone Nice hat!

@danielpunkass Since I uninstalle Chrome, I have lost 3kg and feel in my best shape ever!

@CTD I think the fact that I currently get education discount is also making me think a bit... :)

@AlanGMarz It definitely handles my photo editing needs, but I don’t use Photoshop (Darkroom and Pixelmator only for me, because I loathe Adobe’s software)