@CTD Yeah, I reckon more info on VM support is worth waiting for.

@tewha@appdot.net What is it about printers? I can’t think of any piece of hardware that has such bad user interface abs reliability issues - and it’s always been this way.

@danielpunkass you’re such a joker.

@tewha@appdot.net This is true. Some of them are just errors which lead to buffer overflows and other potentially-dangerous stuff. I probably underestimated the NSA too ;)

@Omrrc Shop bought. It shouldn’t work - but it does.

@jamescousins Really interesting post, by the way! I’m going to have to read that paper now :)

@jamescousins I think companies are way ahead of the thinking of the government on this one. I don’t know many, at least in London, that have a significant appetite to return to office work as-was, partly because making the average tight London office COVID-safe is hard or impossible. And they would prefer not to have an outbreak which (beyond simple humanity) would affect a lot of their staff all at once.

@baldur Hmmm not sure about that point about it stifling innovation on the iPad – I think if you compared where iPadOS is for proper apps to where Android is for tablets, you can see a big difference. But that of course is for an operating system with tiny market share and very little interest. I suspect interest and innovation will grow as iPadOS and iOS get further apart in APIs and capability.

@tewha@appdot.net Yes it was :) I'm still mostly using Safari, but Edge works across all the platforms I use and it's much better than Chrome.

@tewha@appdot.net Very much the same for me.

@baldur Oh boy, so many problems with that post. And that's aside from getting basic facts wrong (like the amount Apple made from the App Store, which is accurate in the CNBC story linked). His point about “anything else is heavily disempowering at best, and a barrier to trade and innovation at worst”… well, it's disempowering to developers who want to write privacy-abusing software which copies clipboard data and tracks cross-app usage without user consent, sure. Not so much to end users who get more secure apps.

And as for trade and innovation? Not sure if he's old enough to remember the "innovative" software on mobile prior to the existence of monolithic app stores, but I am. Or the fact there was no mobile software industry to speak of.

@cubicgarden.com Oh absolutely – and your point about the fediverse stuff is bang on. But the problem is that almost all these kinds of open efforts get to the point of being installable by nerds, and then no further – because the audience who would most benefit (normal people) are not the audience it's created for.

@cubicgarden I look at stuff like Bookwyrm and absolutely despair a bit. It's great, but when something is only available to people who can run software like that, it's basically just not available at all.

@hollyhoneychurch Might have to pinch one of those for a desktop picture!

@mangochutney They have rules? 😀

@hollyhoneychurch Gosh that really is the most delicious sky.

@fabio Yes, that would be pretty good. I can easily see someone like Microsoft borging the features into Outlook.

@manton I don’t understand (other than for business reasons) why Hey is a service and not an app.

@adders Kim won a top of the range Nokia from them for something - can’t remember what! It was a lovely community.

@danielpunkass One of my sites has great advice on that topic - www.parkers.co.uk/car-advic...

@odd There were two of them - tiny little things!

@macgenie I’m all good now! I was lucky and only got mild symptoms.

@mangochutney All you’d be getting is boxes of leftovers. And they won’t be around for long😂

@joshuabeatty Least I can do - I’m hoping that once I’m definitely all clear and no longer any danger of contagion from me there will be something more I can to help those who can’t get out so easily. But for now making sure I’m not a danger to anyone else is the most important thing.

@Nataliekayh Thanks Natalie!